Participating in Miracles

She was pregnant. It wasn’t planned. Her boyfriend wanted her to take care of it. Thinking she has no other option she decides what millions of other women decide. Having an abortion is the only real option, isn’t it? Rather than having a surgical abortion she looks into her options and decides that since her pregnacy is not too far a long an RU-486 chemical abortion would be the best option for her. She decides to make the seven hour road trip from the Florida Panhandle to further down in Florida  where she can get RU-486. On her way back home she sees a billboard. “That fetus inside me has a beating heart. Did I make a mistake?” She thinks, beginning to question herself.

An hour or two later down the road there is another billboard. “ Choose Life!” She exercised her right to choose but was it the right choice?

Now getting second thoughts about what she did she pulled over and starts googling to see if there is some way to change what she just did. Finding she dials 877-588-0333. A pleasant woman answers the phone and tells her that yes it is possible to reverse but she must act quickly. She is put into contact with Dr. William Lile and he discusses the procedure and asks for her pharmacy so she can get a prescription then make an appointment. Dr. Lile calls the pharmacy and an astute pharmacists when hearing the prescription order asks “ Are you trying to reverse a chemical abortion?” Unsure what to expect next Dr. Lile confidently but with trepidation responds “Yes, I am.” “That’s wonderful” he hears in response as he breathes a sigh of relief. 

When the woman comes to the pharmacy, she is greeted by a pharmacist who goes around the counter to give her a hug! She then takes her to the consultation room and explains what she is about to do and offers her support and consolation, even paying for the prescription out of her own pocket. The pregnant woman then meets with Dr. Wile and her RU-486 abortion was successfully reversed.

This is just one of the many stories told by Dr. Lile at the CPI talk on February 8, 2020. He further explains how each one of us has our role to play doing the “Kingdom service” that God assigned to us. Two different organizations posted bill boards, a woman who volunteered to work on the phones for the pill reversal hotline, a doctor willing to do the reversal and a pro-life pharmacist all had to be in place to make this happen. If any one of them were missing this miracle of life may not have happened.

The challenge for us is to listen to the prompting of the Spirit. Are you called to volunteer at a women’s center? Answer phones? Pray in front of planned parenthood clinics? Work with students for life? Provide support and console to someone you know? Put videos on your social media? Provide financial support to one or more of these worthy causes?

Fr. Bruce Wren opened the meeting with a meditation on Mark 6 where Jesus tells his disciples to go “to a deserted place and rest awhile” but then upon seeing the crowds Jesus’ heart was moved with pity and the apostles vacation plans would have to be set aside. Instead of getting some much needed rest they are now assigned to serve and then clean up after a feast for five thousand. Doing God’s will can be exhausting and inconvenient but by doing God’s will every day we are in fact participating in miracles.